Protect Your Health with Smell Hound Odour Eliminator

Protect Your Health with Smell Hound Odour Eliminator

The air we breathe and the surfaces we come into contact with can have a significant impact on our health. Traditional air fresheners and odour eliminators may contain harmful chemicals that can harm our health, but Smell Hound Odour Eliminator offers a solution that's both effective and safe.

Smell Hound Odour Eliminator uses advanced bio-technology to eliminate odors and control allergens, reducing the risk of harmful germs in your living and working areas. The Smell Hound unit dispenses the accompanying Synbio® fluid into the air via ultrasound, purifying the air and all surfaces within a 50 square metre radius.

In addition to its effectiveness, Smell Hound Odour Eliminator is also safe for both humans and pets. It's made with 100% natural ingredients and doesn't contain any nasty chemicals or perfumes. The use of prebiotics in the Smell Hound fluid promotes a healthy microbiome by stimulating good microorganisms, making it a great choice for those looking to improve the air quality and protect their health.

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a healthier home or workspace with Smell Hound Odour Eliminator.

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