Quick Start Guide

Setting up your odour eliminator unit:

For optimal usage please, fully charge the unit for 24 hours before using.

The refills can last from 20 - 30 days but it depends on environmental factors such as heat and humidity. Therefore, please keep the unit;

  • fully charged
  • out of direct sunlight
  • away from ventilation (rangehood, etc,)
  • away from direct heat sources.

Place somewhere in the home as high up as possible, ideally above 2 metres such as on the top of a fridge. You also have the option of using the wall mounts provided to affix the unit directly to a wall.

    Operating your unit:

    There are 2 modes: Auto and Manual.

    Auto mode (flashing green light)

    This is the default mode and the green lights flashes when working. The mister dispenses for 10 seconds when turned on, then again every 3 hours. This timing is optimised so that the fluid lasts for as long as possible

    Manual mode (continuous green light)

    In this mode, the mister is turned on all of the time and will dispense continuously until turned off, or the refill runs out of fluid. In this mode the green light is on but doesn't flash.

    Resetting your unit

    If the blue light is flashing and the unit is beeping, it needs charging, a refill or needs to be reset. To reset your unit please follow these steps:

    1. Power off the unit by clicking the power button
    2. Unplug the USB cable from the unit
    3. Turn the unit upside down and remove the refill
    4. Turn the unit back to its upright position and reinsert the refill
    5. Power on the unit by clicking the power button
    6. Test unit by turning on manual mode (solid green light).
    7. Allow unit to dispense for 10 secs then turn back to auto mode (flashing green light)