Smell Hound was inspired by a wet dog!

Yes, that's right. Haggis (my cairn terrier) loves the rain and he would play outside, getting soaking wet and would come back inside smelling ripe :D

I wanted a product that would eliminate Haggis's "lovely" odours but it had to meet certain criteria:

It had to be natural and chemical free,


and not an air freshener that just masked smells.

Long story short, I couldn't find one, anywhere.

I saw a gap in the market, so I hooked up with my entrepreneurial buddy Shaun who knows a lot about business to create something that fitted the bill. After a lot of research, we found some groundbreaking biotech in Belgium that uses prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to eliminate naturally occurring odours.
With that we developed the Smell Hound mister product to address the issue of odours caused by pets (and other loved ones). There's a page all about the technology behind Smell Hound here.

Because Haggis was the inspiration for the product in the first place I figured that it would make sense for him to be the mascot behind the Smell Hound brand. You can follow his personal Instagram here: www.instagram.com/haggis_gibson

If there's any questions you have about the product, or we can help you in some way with Smell Hound, you will end up speaking to either Shaun or myself.

Feel free to give us a call on 03 669 2370 or email ruff@smellhound.nz


Haggis, Jaya and Shaun.